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gram. Rouhani made the announcement in an interview with NBC News, the outlet reported. It said Rouhani also talked about his initial interactions with U.S. President Barack Obama,

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ng Foundation which helps kids affected by AIDS in poverty-stricken areas of China. "It really helps them get a better education and rebuild their families". One of her latest caus

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ts were behind ongoing violent protests in his country, during which six have been killed and dozens injured. In an interview with Chile's ADN radio station, Mendez said escalating

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s of the Ecuadorian Air Forces (FAE) also shut down the international airport of Quito. Despite that, the army commanders have expressed support to Correa. The armed forces command

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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Xinhua) -- Cuba and the United States restored their diplomatic relations and reopened their respective embassies on Monday even though they have undergone conflicting historical

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Monday in Chile's region of Biobio and Argentine province of Neuquen for the Copahue volcano straddling the border between the countries, due to increasing seismic activity in th

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a lot of private and classified information. Sadly, it has abused the advantage it has gained over other countries through its sophisticated spying and hacking skills. Ironically

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Ban said. More than 100 delegations of the G77 block attended the summit, presided over by Bolivian President Evo Morales. Morales said that the G77 will follow a sustainable devel

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term," Murray said. She noted that she is open to some tough spending cuts that would be permanently locked into law, and at the same time insisted that revenue gains from closing

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e United States to curb immigration as "discriminatory". It has also urged its nationals to carry proper documentation with them to Arizona in response to the new laws. The legisla

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6 After-School Snacks the Kid Will Love

is is a peaceful protest and we can have a peaceful ending to this occupation of our downtown." Klassen, who has been a perennial thorn in Robertson's side with his political blog

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