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ars the United States has provided more information, he said. As a result, the Cuban authorities in 2009 seized 3,186 kg drugs within its territorial waters, mainly packages thrown

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eople wounded in the shooting. The packed courtroom saw tears flow from all sides -- virtually all 60 family members and victims, many of whom sobbed and held each other, as well

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plant, said Kistner, but declined to elaborate on the dimension of the crater or give other details. (Xinhua/Michael Ainsworth) WEST, THE UNITED STATES, April 21 (Xinhua) -- The s

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al year. SANTO DOMINGO, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- Bahamanian authorities said Wednesday they had rescued a group of 170 Haitian and two Dominican migrants after their boat capsized in t

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in a number of activities here to celebrate the Cuban Revolution Day, which falls on July 26. According to the official NNTV news channel, Castro, 83, laid a wreath for the nation

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ital, the mercury fell to 2.3 degrees, the lowest since 2003, and in Campos do Jordao, a mountainous town, the temperature dropped to 3.8 degrees below zero, the lowest since 199

秋葵视频官方下载 -牛头番大全

year 2012 that would see a 5.8-trillion-dollar spending cut over 10 years. Democrats panned the plan as one-sided and lacking bigger defense cuts or tax increases. The blueprint,